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Spending the day at the lake is one of the best ways to enjoy the summer days and break the routine. Just remember that whether you are fishing or relaxing, you have to ensure your vessel is in perfect condition. For this reason at NC Synthetic in Raleigh we would like to share useful maintenance tips.

How to Maintain Your Boat

Wash Your Boat Frequently

Although it may seem simple, washing your boat can make a huge difference to protect your vessel, yet it's one of the most overlooked chores. Remember that salt water damages your vessel and leads to corrosion. Plus,  it's a good way to spot any visible damages in your boat.

Change the Oil

Your boat requires regular oil changes to stay in perfect condition and keep the moving engine parts lubricated. It's estimated that you should perform this task every 100 hours of operation. If you are having problems carrying out this chore, make sure to call a professional and remember to dispose the oil properly.

Inspect the Propeller

Take a few minutes to look for signs of damage in your propeller, as they will reduce the performance and fuel economy of your boat. Make sure to tighten and grease the nut and look out for any fishing line that may be tangled in the propeller. These are some basic maintenance chores that you should check before riding your boat. Keep in mind that lack of maintenance can lead to costly repairs and  breakdowns that can ruin your perfect day. Also, remember that having an inspection carried out by a professional is important to pinpoint any problems you may overlook.

Synthetic Oil in Raleigh

It's no secret that your boat needs fresh oil to run smoothly and minimize excessive engine wear, however choosing synthetic lubricants is a savvy move as they contain higher viscosity index to perform under extreme weather conditions. Call (919) 624-2934 or visit our website to find the AMSOIL product you need.

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