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Our previous posts provided you with information and easy to implement tips on improving the performance of your car and motorbike. And while these are the two main vehicles owned by most of our customers, they aren't the only vehicles our knowledge and products can help.

Keep Your Vessel on the Water for Longer With a Synthetic Oil Change in Harnett County

Amsoil Dealer - NC Synthetic also has experience helping customers get the best performance out of their marine engines while working to keeping engine damage and maintenance costs down. With this, we have put together a post aimed at helping owners of all water-based vessels take care of their engines with information about the damage these engines can incur and how to prevent it with a full synthetic oil change in Harnett County.

How the RPM Differs Between Your Car and Your Boat

There are many differences between the engine in your car and the engine in your boat or your jet-ski, the most prominent being the lack of a transmission. As you drive your car through the city streets or along the freeways, you have gears to choose from to provide the power you need, when you need it, along with being able to provide your engine with higher gears for cruising. The difference when driving in a boat or riding your jet-ski is the lack of this choice. When it comes to this engine, it's a simple push of the throttle or a turn of the handle and the one gear is forced into action, providing you with both low and high-speed operation. While this works and has worked for some years, it results in consistently high RPM operation. This process places a significant amount of stress on the engine and its internal components, leading to a greater level of engine wear and damage than with your everyday city vehicle or your motorbike. To facilitate this operate, both types of engines rely on engine lubrication to both protect the internal components and facilitate smooth and powerful operation. The engine lubrication your watercraft needs can be broken down into two categories: conventional and high-quality synthetic. A conventional or traditional oil is what your parents and their parents likely used in their cars. It is the first type of engine lubrication to be developed and, in its time, was able to provide traditional engines with a basic level of protection and effective assistance. A high-quality synthetic oil is the newer of the two types of engine lubrication and has been purpose designed to perform during engine stress. Synthetic oil includes high-quality additives which have been purpose designed and included to provide a high-stress engine with a superior level of protection from engine wear and damage while simultaneously facilitating smoother operation and performance. When it comes to providing your water vessel with the right engine lubrication, it isn't a one-size fit all scenario. To ensure your watercraft receives the best engine lubrication for its operation, speak with Amsoil Dealer - NC Synthetic at (919) 624-2934 and talk to an expert.

Not the Only Challenge Faced by Your Marine Engine

Operation under consistently high RPM isn't the only challenge that your engine faces, and isn't the only challenge your engine lubricant needs to overcome. As the summer temperatures continue to rise, your outdoor adventure increase, leaving your engine to not only run for longer but under harsher temperatures. A low-quality lubricant such as a conventional oil is just that, low quality, and isn't designed to operate at such temperatures. High temperatures can cause the small particles and low-quality additives to break apart from the primary fluid and collect throughout your engine's components. As these additives and impurities begin to accumulate, they actively prevent your engine from performing at its best, resulting in an increase in engine wear and engine maintenance requirements.

Protect Your Engine From Extreme Temperatures With Full Synthetic Oil Change in Harnett County

Designed to replace conventional in these situations, synthetic oil includes only the highest quality and purpose designed additives which work together to maintain ints viscosity and prevent this breakdown from occurring. The result? An engine that runs cleaner and doesn't suffer from the types of engine wear this oil break down can cause. Of course, this is all on top of the consistent level of protection which synthetic oil provides to each working part. Take advantage of the benefits the best synthetic oil change in Harnett County can provide by speaking with an expert. Call Amsoil Dealer - NC Synthetic at (919) 624-2934 and ask about which high-quality AMSOIL synthetic oil is right for your needs.