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How to Protect Your Car in Hot Weather

We still have a few weeks left of summer and you have to make sure your car is ready to undergo the high temperatures, especially if you are going on vacation. For this reason at NC Synthetic in Raleigh we would like to share useful ideas to summerize your vehicle.

Check the Coolant and Oil Levels

It's very important that you check the coolant and oil levels of your vehicle as they are responsable for preventing overheating. Make sure to look for leaks and also inspect belts and hoses in your engine. Remember to follow you car's maintenance schedule to change the oil.

Inflate Your Tires

Under inflated tires are also threat, as they reduce your vehicle's handling, lead to excessive wear and even blowouts. Make shore to inflate the tires according to their specified pressure and check the condition of your spare.

Protect Your Car's Interior

A windshield sun shade is the perfect way to protect your dashboard and upholstery from the sun. Don't forget that you should roll the windows down to allow cool air into your car and you should never leave your pets in your parked car as the temperatures can soar in just a few minutes. You should also be well-rested and ready for your trip, this way you will ensure a safe road trip. Also, you can save money during your travel by improving your fuel efficiency, so be sure to read our guide on this topic.

Synthetic Oil in Raleigh

Synthetic oil will provide your engine with the cleansing and protection to improve its performance. Keep in mind that at NC Synthetic we will be glad to help you find the best product for your vehicle; consider us next time you are looking fro AMSOIL Oil in Raleigh. If you wish to place an order, please call ;(919) 624-2934.