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We'll be the first to admit that there's no adventure quite like taking your 4WD or off-road vehicle out onto the beach, the forest track, or even just a highway drive until you find somewhere to explore - when it comes to owning a 4WD or off-road vehicle, your limits can seem endless. If you also own a city car, or a fresh to the world of off-road adventures, the engines inside both can seem quite similar. And while they share the basic mechanics of a car's engine, the conditions you are going to put your 4WD engine means they have certain and often specific requirements for their maintenance and upkeep. To get you on the right track with some basic information and upkeep advice, Amsoil Dealer - NC Synthetic has put together a post to help you prepare your 4WD and its engine for the adventure ahead.

Protecting Your Engine With Synthetic Oil for Your Off-Road Car in Harnett County

Particularly when heading to the beach, it's likely that you're going to put your vehicle through extreme driving conditions. While it can be tempting to think that we are just talking about the outside temperatures that you're used to driving your car around in, for this article we are referring to a combination of both the external weather conditions, and the type of driving you're likely to want to do. During regular driving your engine runs hot, that's a given, but let's face it, you didn't buy a 4WD or off-road vehicle for regular driving. Each time you shift into those extra gears, or you power up a steep incline, or even when you put your foot down to get that bit of extra push to get through a river crossing, your engine feels the strain. And while it's true that it was purpose designed for the tasks, it wasn't designed to take them on alone. To make sure that your engine can perform when you need it the most, it needs lubrication - a comprehensive layer of film that flows through your engine to cover each component as it flows. This layer acts as a barrier between each internal component, facilitating smooth operation and preventing bare metal from clashing against bare metal, which can lead to a direct loss of power and performance, and serious damage to your engine. 4WD and off-road vehicles owners looking to make sure their engines have this protection can turn to a full synthetic oil change in Harnett County. Synthetic oil has been designed with extreme driving conditions in mind, and works to maintain this barrier, even as your driving heats up. Speak with Amsoil Dealer - NC Synthetic on (919) 624-2934 and ask about the right product to get you the best synthetic oil change in Harnett County and protect your engine.

What About the Heat?

This is where it gets a little specific for off-roaders. Instead of short drives to the shops, then back again, your adventures are likely to see your engine being run outside in extreme heat temperatures, still required to perform at full capacity. With conventional oils, high temperatures can cause oil breakdown and evaporation. When this breakdown occurs, the oil inside your engine breaks apart, leaving impurities and debris to flow through your engine, and leave vital parts of your engine unprotected as they operate under extreme conditions. To combat this, AMSOIL developed a range of high quality synthetic oil products that were designed for this very level of extreme heat. Included during its refinement process, synthetic oil includes scientifically designed additives that work to not only maintain a comprehensive barrier of protection, but actually resist not only high temperatures, but extreme temperatures. The direct result is an engine that is given everything it needs to continue operation, even under the most extreme of temperatures and driving conditions, making sure you don't get stuck in the middle of nowhere with a glowing oil light and nobody around to tow you out.

Finding the Best Synthetic Oil Change in Harnett County

Whether you're new to 4WD and off-roading, or you're an old pro, speak with Amsoil Dealer - NC Synthetic and let us find the right product for a full synthetic oil change in Harnett CountyAvailable on (919) 624-2934Amsoil Dealer - NC Synthetic has the expert knowledge you need matched with friendly advice to not only get you out on the track for your adventures, but make sure your engine is protected along the way. Ofcourse, it isn't just your 4WD or off-road vehicle that we can help you take care of. Speak with us about how a full synthetic oil change in Harnett County can bring performance and protection benefits to your car, boat and even your lawnmower and landscaping equipment.