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Road trips should be all about leaving your worries behind and going on a fun adventure. However, all of that joy and care-free attitude may start to dwindle when you think about how much gas (and money) you'll have to spend to go where you want to go. This is why, in this post, you'll find some tips you can follow in order to make your travels more fuel efficient and less expensive.

How to Improve Your Fuel Efficiency

Keep Your Vehicle in Great Shape

A beat up vehicle can make your trips much more expensive. For instance, bad tires can make the engine work extra hard, thus wasting fuel. Maintain your vehicle properly to save up on gas.

Use High-Quality Products

Tied up to the point above, use the best products on your car, such as synthetic oil in Raleigh, or AMSOIL's P.i. Performance Improver Gasoline Additive. Doing so will help your car's performance and its fuel efficiency.

Drive Properly

Physics and inertia have a big say in this matter. This is why driving over the speed limit or accelerating and breaking too often can burn through your fuel. Instead, drive at a slower, steadier pace to use your gas in a smart way.

Freshen Up Accordingly

If you want to stay fresh for your summer road trip, consider that turning on the AC uses up more gas. On the other hand, rolling the windows down makes the car heavier and harder to drive. Think about your choices, and pick the one that works best for you.

Keep Your Car Light as a Feather

Overpacking or taking too much stuff with you on the road trip will increase your vehicle's weight, meaning that it'll need more fuel to get you to your destination. If you want to be fuel-conscious, travel light!

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As mentioned above, using the right products, like the ones that AMSOIL has to offer, can improve your vehicle's performance and its fuel efficiency. Call Peter & Diana Lotito at NC Synthetic in Raleigh for more information on how AMSOIL can help you save time and money.

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