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Here at Amsoil Dealer - NC Synthetic our primary job is to use our expert knowledge to match everyday motorists just like yourself with the right high-quality AMSOIL synthetic oil. And while we are leaders in the field, our experience and knowledge go well beyond this task. Through helping thousands of motorists benefit from a synthetic oil change in Cary we have also amassed quite a knowledge bank on how our customers can get the most out of their engines.

How Small Changes to Your Driving Style Can Have a Big Impact on Your Fuel Efficiency

One particularly popular subject is fuel economy and gas usage, and it’s no surprise. With the rising price of gas and the ever increasing amounts of errands everyday motorists are faced with, anything and everything which they can do to reduce their gas usage have enormous benefits. For this article, Amsoil Dealer - NC Synthetic have selected a few of our top tips to share with you about how making small changes to your driving style and routine can have a positive impact on your fuel economy.

Let's Start With a Myth

Most motorists grew up being told that they needed to let their car idle and ‘warm up’ for 5-10 minutes each morning before they embarked on the day ahead. While this may have once been true for classic engines, modern engines don’t require it before they are ready to drive. Instead of switching on your car while you pack your kids, sports equipment, luggage and everything else you will need for the daily tasks ahead, wait until you’re in the car and ready to drive. Not only is your car producing exhaust fumes unnecessarily while it idles, while the engine is running it is using your precious gas.

Plan Your Drives

Let’s face it, ad-hoc tasks and errands are going to come up throughout the week, but 90% of your daily and weekly errands and tasks are recurring. On Sunday night, sit down and work out where you need to be and at what times throughout the day. Use an online mapping service and see if a few of your errands can be moved around to reduce the amount of miles you need to drive. If you want to take this one step further, plan routes which avoid intersections and traffic lights which can slow you down or require you to stop your car and let it idle while you wait.

Keep Your Engine Lubricated

When we speak with motorists we find that many of them believed that keeping their engine running smoothly was a task which only a visit to their mechanic could help them with. However, when it comes to the smooth operation of your engine, it’s the engine lubricant which protects individual components and facilitates smooth interaction. Motorists just like yourself are able to keep this lubrication in check with a simple synthetic oil change in Cary. Speak with Amsoil Dealer - NC Synthetic at (919) 624-2934 and order the right AMSOIL synthetic oil  suitable for your car. It only takes a couple of minutes and can provide your engine with the lubrication and protection it needs to run smoothly and with less gas usage.

Check Your Tire Pressure

One of the most surprising aspects of increasing fuel efficiency comes in the form of tire pressure. With many motorists simply seeing their tires as the basic objects which keep the car rolling forward, their maintenance is often neglected. Look through your owner's manual for the ideal tire pressure of your car and ensure yours match the level advised. When your tire pressure gets too low it can cause an increase in the friction between the tires and the road. The more friction that is created as you drive, the harder the engine needs to work to keep your car moving. And the harder your engine needs to work, the more gas it’s going to use. Additionally, once motorists increase their tire pressure to the advised level they often notice their car is easier to drive and handles much better than it previously did.

Compare the Air (Conditioner)

If you are driving a modern car then it’s likely it includes air-conditioning, and a good one at that. While air-conditioners have their place during hot days, if your drives are short and local, your best option is to lower your windows and take advantage of the natural breeze. When you turn on your air-conditioner, an additional belt inside your engine is activated, which puts extra strain on your engine. You have likely experienced this while driving, where you turn on your air-conditioner and your car suddenly slows down before gaining speed again. While the air-conditioner is the best option to keep the temperatures inside your car down, it isn’t the best option to keep your gas usage down.

The Right Products for the Best Synthetic Oil Change in Cary

These are four great ways which you can easily implement into your daily drives to help reduce the amount of gas you are using. A particular tip we mentioned above regarding a synthetic oil change in Cary also has the bonus of protecting your engine against wear and damage. If you would like to find out more information or just want to take care of your car’s engine with a high-quality AMSOIL synthetic oil and a synthetic oil change in Cary, speak with Amsoil Dealer - NC Synthetic at (919) 624-2934 and talk with us about the make and model of your car. With an extensive range of high-quality engine lubricants to choose from, we can make sure you get the right product.