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A Dirt Bike That's Ready When You Are

There are so many benefits to owning ;a dirt bike, primarily the ability to just get out and take a ride in nature. ;Make sure your dirt bike is ready when you are with ;some basic maintenance ;tips ;from ;NC Synthetic. ;

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Start With the Basics

Check your water and oil ;levels to make sure your engine has what it needs to keep performing optimally. If you've been using a conventional engine oil, now would be the perfect time to switch to an ;Amsoil Oil in Raleigh for an easy solution to protecting your dirt bike's engine.

Chain and Cable Tension

Given that both your chain and your cables are responsible for accelerating and stopping, respectively, it's important that they are at the ;right tension levels. Remember to keep your chain with enough slack ;to allow general movement and the operation of your ;bike's suspension. ;When checking your cables, make sure that your handles are able to be ;moved slightly before acting ;to avoid unnecessary or accidental braking or clutch usage. Having the brake or clutch engage each time you touch a handle can lead to excess wear and an increase in the frequency of which you need to replace engine parts.

Kick the Tires

The right pressure in your tires depends on the condition of the track you're about to ride on. If you're heading out on a ;new and unknown track, do your research beforehand to get an understanding of the type of riding you'll need to do, and the tire pressure you'll need to allow ;your bike to ;respond ;how and when you need it to.

Synthetic Oil in Raleigh

With the ;ease of maintaining your dirt bike, don't neglect the basics and make sure your bike is ready when you need it. We spoke briefly about utilizing ;a Amsoil Oil in Raleigh to extend the life of your engine. ;Learn more by speaking with an expert at ;NC Synthetic on ;(919) 624-2934 ;and get the most out of your dirt bike.