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Whether you’re driving a sports car, it's your everyday family sedan, or perhaps you prefer the adventures that a 4x4 can provide, there’s one thing that each of these vehicle types has in common - engine wear and damage that can be caused by sludge and build up throughout each engine. However, unlike many other types of engine damage, when it comes to the damage caused by sludge and build up inside your engine and its components, the symptoms aren’t often noticeable until it’s too late and the damage has well and truly occurred.

Protect Your Engine From Preventable Sludge and Build Up With a Full Synthetic Oil Change in Raleigh

To help keep your engine protected against this level of preventable damage, Amsoil Dealer - NC Synthetic has a few pieces of information to share on how this build up occurs, what damage it can cause, and how you can easily protect your engine against it with a simple full synthetic oil change in Raleigh.

Learning About Sludge and Engine Build Up

When learning about sludge and build up throughout your engine you first need to learn about the different types of oil and lubrication that’s working its way through your engine as your drive. For this article, we are going to focus on conventional oil and full synthetic oil.

Conventional Oil

When engines first came out, both industrial and for consumer engines there were limited products available to provide lubrication as they operated. The mainstream way to provide this lubrication came in the form of what we know as conventional oil. During this time, conventional oil was able to provide a basic level of lubrication for a basic level of mechanical engineering, however, as engine mechanics both industrial and consumer became more powerful, they started to require more protection and facilitation than conventional oil was able to provide.

Synthetic Oil

Enter synthetic oil. Recognizing the limitations of conventional oil and the damage that its use was causing on their engines, manufacturers looked to a new and advanced level of protection. The result of this search was a product we now know as synthetic oil. With the designed nature of synthetic oil, manufactures found that they were able to include scientifically designed additives that could bolster the performance and protective benefits that synthetic oil could provide. Helping engines with the protection afforded by this new level of oil isn’t restricted to large manufacturers or mechanics. In fact, getting access to this level of protection is as simple as a phone call to your local AMSOIL synthetic oil distributor, Amsoil Dealer - NC Synthetic. Available at (919) 624-2934, experts in their field are able to discuss your specific engine model and type as well as provide you with the perfect high quality AMSOIL synthetic oil that’s right for you and your needs.

Higher Engine Temperatures

When created, basic engines ran at a modest level of performance and they also ran at a modest temperature level. Given the nature of conventional oils and lubricants, little protective and performance enhancing additives are included in its refinement process, leaving it to provide a standard level of protection. Under regular and extreme operating temperatures, conventional oils are susceptible to breaking down, leaving the limited additives that are in there to break away from the main oil and collect throughout your engine. As the collection grows, they directly impact the ability of each component inside your engine to operate efficiently and fluidly. This restriction not only causes damage to your engine as it runs,but limits the level of performance that you can see and often feel as you drive. To address this, scientific additives are included in the refinement process of synthetic oil which work together to keep your oil’s consistency intact. This results in a higher breakdown threshold meaning the additives that have been included in synthetic oil stay where they’re needed, your oil and your engine.

Getting the Best Synthetic Oil Change in Raleigh Is Easy

Taking advantage of the advancement in oil technology by utilizing a synthetic oil in your engine is as easy as speaking with an expert. Pick up the phone and give Amsoil Dealer - NC Synthetic a call at (919) 624-2934 and speak about the type of engine you have, and how it can be protected from not only sludge and buildups, but many other forms of engine wear and damage. Whether it be your car, motorbike, jetski or even your lawnmower - the benefits that a full synthetic oil change in Raleigh can be gained by all the engines you own and operate.