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What to Keep in Your Vehicle

There are certain items that can be lifesavers in case of a mishap, which is why you should keep a few of them in your vehicle so they can be useful in an emergency. For ideas on what you should definitely keep in your vehicle, continue reading the post below.


For starters, you should have certain tools that can help you handle different vehicle problems or other annoying situations that can occur on the road, such as spare tires, coolant, jumper cables, tire jack, tire iron, among others.

Emergency Kit

It's also possible that someone may get injured or may require certain items in an accident. For that reason, it's a good idea to keep an emergency kit, filled with a first aid kit, water bottles, blankets, a flashlight, fire extinguisher, and a communication device.

Important Documents

There are certain papers that can be crucial in an emergency or mishap. For instance, your insurance papers, your vehicle's registration, its manual, or the contact information of relatives, emergency responders, or of a reliable mechanic should be with you.


As a last tip, be sure to take with you other useful items that can make a huge difference on your trips. For example, an umbrella, scissors, tissues, emergency cash, a change of clothes, etc. can prove to be very valuable during your day-to-day life.

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